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General Information FAQs

What is Vonage's main line of business?

We are a leading provider of cloud communications services for businesses and consumers. Our business services transform the way people work and businesses operate through a portfolio of communications solutions that enable internal collaboration among employees, while also keeping companies closely connected with their customers, across any mode of communication, on any cloud connected device.

Vonage customers can choose among or combine two separate service delivery options to suit their specific cloud communication needs. They can buy Vonage Business as a subscription and they can buy our Vonage API Platform and consume our cloud communication as a service product as programmable modules, delivered via application program interfaces (“APIs”). We also provide a robust suite of feature-rich residential communication solutions.

How many Vonage lines are in service?

We had approximately 2.3 million combined consumer subscriber lines and business seats as of December 31, 2016. Customers in the United States represented 91% of our consolidated revenues at December 31, 2016, with the balance in Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

When was Vonage founded and where are Vonage's headquarters located?

We were incorporated in Delaware in May 2000 and changed our name to Vonage Holdings Corp. in February 2001.
We are headquartered at 23 Main Street, Holmdel, NJ 07733.

How many employees does Vonage have?

As of December 31, 2016, we had 1,883 employees

I have some questions for customer service. How can I contact them regarding my account?

Please click here for details on Customer Service

Who is on Vonage's Executive Team?

Please click here to view details of Executive Team

Who is on Vonage's Board of Directors?

Please click here to view Board of Directors

Where can I learn more about Vonage's products and services? And where can I sign up for service?

To learn more about Vonage's products and services click here.

Investor Information FAQs

What is Vonage's ticker symbol and where are Vonage's shares traded?

Our common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol "VG."

How do I purchase shares of Vonage common stock?

Vonage does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. If you would like to purchase shares of Vonage common stock, please contact a broker for assistance.

Where can I find the Company's financial statements?

Please click here to access our financial statements

Does Vonage pay a dividend?

Vonage does not currently pay a dividend.

Can I listen to the earnings conference call?

Yes. Please click here to access our calendar of events, where you can sign up to be notified of upcoming earnings and conference call dates.

To access archived earnings information please click here.

Where can I find out more about Vonage's financial condition and results of operations?

For discussion on our metrics and financial results, please click here.

Stockholder Services FAQs

What is Vonage's CUSIP number?

The CUSIP number for Vonage's common stock is 92886T 20 1.

Who do I contact with questions about transferring shares, lost stock certificates or change of address information?

If you are a registered stockholder and have questions regarding your holdings or if there are any changes to be made to the account (mailing address, account name), please contact the Company's transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, at the following:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
c/o Vonage Holdings Corp.
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11219

Phone: (800) 937-5449 or (718) 921-8124 (for international callers)

Visit their website at

If you own stock through a brokerage account, contact your broker who is responsible for your account.